Curve Setter Program

The Wall Street Insight Designated Curve Setter program is one of many initiatives that we employ to meet our mission goals of helping various professionals and their customers better interact with one another. The Designated Curve Setter DCS program is designed to be a training tool for various professionals that are struggling to meet benchmarks and or keeping pace with their industry peers.

We at Wall Street Insight have what we feel is a very effective way of screening the various market places for top talent to become productive members of our DCS team. We use members of the DCS team to act as mentors and coaches and sometimes consultants to those professionals that are missing their marks. The DCS program is somewhat of a match making initiative, paring the very strong with the weak in an effort to help those that are struggling.

Wall Street Insight seeks out the most confident, courageous, and skillful professionals to become DCS team members. Joining the ranks of the Wall Street Insight DCS team will most likely be the most difficult task of any professional’s career. Understand the examination is rigorous in nature, and only the strongest of the strong will be allowed to enter into the DCS ranks.

Wall Street Insight is seeking curve setters in the areas of finance, legal, and insurance.

We encourage professionals in these areas to consider becoming members of the DCS team.

For those professionals wishing to be considered as members of the DCS team the first step will be the filling out of a detailed questionnaire, which can be obtained by request.

Please use the contact us tab to request a DCS questionnaire. Be sure put your contact information in the message and also indicate what industry you are a member of.

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