Our Initiatives

WSI promotes partnership solutions to global issues through aligning itself with regulatory agencies , organization and concern consumers. By sharing knowledge and best practices, and calling on all stakeholders to take action, we address some of the greatest challenges facing the world. Our initiatives are about partnership, inspiration and creating a better future.
WSI understands that our work has an impact on our environment through our use of resources. As part of our policy, we are committed to minimizing the overall impacts but at the same time, aim to work with our partners and vendors to learn, share, test and implement practices that will have a lasting positive influence in the future developments of the organizations involved.

If you are interested in joining the fight please review our curve setter program and email us at BusinessRelations@WallStreetInsight.org

Present Initiatives

Mutual Fund – Lower fees and penalties for the gross lack of returns

Future Initiatives

Timeshare – Full disclosure and transparency when calculating cost and availability

College Athletes – Protest for wages for all college athletes

Legal Industry- Diversity in the legal industry